Wood Dining Set: Dining Room Table And 6 Chairs For Sale

We have decided to sell our 6-seater wood dining set from our home in southern Manila (Las Piñas, very near Alabang), and wanted to let you all know about it in case any of our visitors might want first crack at it.  We’ve had this set for about 4 years, and have really enjoyed it.  So if you’re interested, read on, and let us know if you’d like to have this great set for yourself!

6-Seater Wood Dining Set

We’ve enjoyed many a meal as well as family games at this table and frankly really hate to see it go.  However, we’ve decided to go in a different direction when it comes to the style of our dining room, so we’re creating an opportunity for someone to have this dining room set a reasonable price.

6-Seater Dining Room Set

6-Seater Dining Room Set

As you can see from this picture, the dining room set is in excellent shape.  We’ve done our best to take really good care of it.  The cloth on the seats themselves have some dirt stains on them, so you might decide to have them recovered.  We just never got around to it.

For more pictures of this wood dining set, please feel free to check out the ad we placed on ManilaCheapOnline.com here:



This wood dining set is located in Las Piñas, very near Alabang.  We obviously can’t bring the wood dining set to you to look at, so if you think you’d be interested in it, you’ll need to be willing to see it as is, where is.


We bought this wood dining set brand new 4 years ago for around P30,000.  We are selling it for P17,000 or best offer (negotiable).

Contact Rick & Myla

If you are interested in owning this wood dining set, please click on the following link to learn how to do so, including how to contact us:

How To Buy From Rick & Myla

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It seems like we always have something for sale around our house!  If you like what you see in this post, and you think you might be interested in other things we may be selling, please check out this link for anything and everything we might be selling right now:

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3 Responses to Wood Dining Set: Dining Room Table And 6 Chairs For Sale

  1. Jon H. says:

    Looks like a very nice wood dining set. I’ll be calling you soon.

    I’ve never heard of this “Manila Cheap” website before. What is that?

    • Rick Upshaw says:


      Thanks for your interest in our dining set. We hope to hear from you soon!

      The reason you haven’t heard of that “Manila Cheap” site before is that it’s very new. It’s only a few months old. That site is positioned to be the premier website in Manila for finding deals online. It may not ever compete with the likes of AyosDito or Sulit, but it’s a much cleaner, nicer and easier to navigate site than the other two. We have high hopes that the site takes off in Manila.

      Thanks again for your interest, and for your comment here!

  2. BackSpace says:

    Very very nice item.

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